A Tale of Two Kittens...

Once upon a time there were two friendly kittens named Cleo and Leo. They lived happily with their mom and siblings in their human’s residence and enjoyed a carefree existence playing, mock fighting and eating. We don’t know what happened to disrupt their paradise. One day all was familiar and well. The next day their world was turned upside down.

One warm Wednesday morning their human placed Cleo and Leo in an oblong box, added some cat food and a small bowl, and placed the box in the back of a car. Included in the box was a letter explaining about their potty habits and their eating habits. Their human obviously loved them a lot and needed to find a loving home for them somewhere else. Why else would someone willingly give away such adorable kittens? It was a very scary ride for Cleo and Leo. They had no idea where they were going and why their mom wasn’t going with them. It was probably a short ride but had great consequence for them.

Luckily for Cleo and Leo they were transported to St Michael’s Little Thrift Shop entrance door. There they were left for the first person to find them and bring them into the shop. While the workers were discussing this marvelous event one of the regular customers came into the shop and saw the kittens. A look of intense love spread over the customer’s face as she greeted them. She was ready to adopt one, as her own beloved kitty had recently died. Her friend told her that Cleo and Leo should stay together, and she decided to adopt both kittens! Her friend convinced her to leave with the kittens to get them home to care for them immediately. And Cleo and Leo lived happily ever after!

This is just another happy story at the Little Thrift Shop. Come in and find your own story.