The Twelve Questions

  1. Describe a moment in your worshipping community’s recent ministry which you recognize as one of success and fulfillment.
  2. How are you preparing yourselves for the Church of the future?
  3. Please provide words describing gifts and skills essential to the future leaders of your worshipping community.
  4. Describe your liturgical style and practice for all types of worship services provided by your community.
  5. How do you practice incorporating others in ministry?
  6. As a worshipping community, how do you care for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being?
  7. How do you engage in pastoral care for those beyond your worshipping community?
  8. Describe your worshipping community’s involvement in either the wider Church or geographical region.
  9. Tell about a ministry that your worshipping community has initiated in the past five years. Who can be contacted about this?
  10. What is your practice of stewardship and how does it shape the life of your worshipping community?
  11. What is your worshipping community’s experience of conflict? And how have you addressed it?
  12. What is your experience leading/addressing change in the church? When has it gone well? When has it gone poorly? And what did you learn?