The situation with regard to COVID19 mitigation and containment has been changing daily. 
There is much information available, some of it reliable, some of it not.
Check with the Michigan Department of Public Health HERE with regard to local conditions
and with the CDC HERE for the best information on the national effort to contain the effects of this disease.
May 3 Update from Father Michael
I hope that all St. Michaeler’s, families and friends are well.
As our common and public life resumes it is clear that safe practices, including the wearing of face masks, will be necessary for some time. Two St. Michaeler’s, Meg Krawczyk and Barbara Barringer, have been crafting homemade masks and are making those available. If you need one or know of someone who does, give Meg a call at 586-552-4207 to arrange for pick-up. Beyond the St. Michael’s community, the Outreach Committee is checking with several of the places and agencies we support to determine where masks are needed.
To make your own masks easily without sewing, here are two instructional videos: From a T-Shirt and From a Bandana.
Our leadership is awaiting guidelines from the State of Michigan and Bishop Perry as to when and how we might resume services and operations. When we hear, we will be in touch. A very likely scenario is that there will be limits on the maxiumum number of people who can gather at any one time as well as distance requirements and personal safety measures. The dramatic drop in the rate of new cases in the State is encouraging and we hope that decrease will continue.
In the meantime, Kathy Curran is doing a superb job disinfecting the building from end to end. The fewer objects and things we have in common areas, the better. A focus now is the kitchen and removing excess items from counters and cabinets, the better to insure ongoing disinfection. A similar plan is unfolding for the sanctuary and nave of the church, with special attention to the seating and pews. Thanks to our senior warden, Martha Miller, for coordinating this and contributing time and labor.
April 5 Update from Father Michael
Our church and building continue to be closed to the public. We are maintaining secure entry for one staff or volunteer person at a time to ensure building integrity.
Thanks to all who have either mailed in their pledges or taken advantage of the new mailbox to the left of the parish house door. Bank deposits are only being made every few weeks, so please be patient while your item clears.
The Easter Baskets and Bags were delivered to Crossroads last week; thanks to Liz and Bill for completing that project. Crossroads is closed now for food distribution; we will get word around when they reopen for donations.
Each vestry member has a list of parish households to keep in touch with by telephone and a first round of calls has been made. If you have not been called, please let Fr. Michael know at 603-661-7860. Conversations keep people connected and informed.
If anyone knows of a neighbor or friend who needs assistance with food, prescription pick-up, errands, etc. please call Fr. Michael and let him know the details.
As it is highly likely that the stay-at-home protocol will be extended through April, more information, guidelines and support will follow.
Best wishes and prayers from the Wardens and Vestry of St. Michael’s Church
March 29 Update from Father Michael
So much information is circulating about COVID 19; protocols and directives change almost daily. 
Here is where we are at St. Michael’s for the next few weeks, at least.
Liz Schmitt-Matzen and Bill Davenport are wrapping up the Easter Basket/Easter Bag project in coordination with Crossroads. 
If you have a basket/bag that needs delivering (or items to contribute), please contact Liz at 586-216-6456 or 313 882-2151 to arrange drop off. 
AND – Crossroads needs canned food items and can accept those only through Friday this week; they will reopen for food donations on April 14th. Outside the parish house door (in the cloister) are two storage containers. Please feel free to drop off non-perishable food Thursday and Friday morning.
Regarding the use and availability of St. Michael’s Building:
Bishop Perry has requested that church buildings be closed to the public. We have not been given a date when they will be reopened. If anyone needs access, please call me at 603-661-7860. We are in conversation with our cleaning professional, Kathy Curran, about best practices for insuring that we have a clean facility going forward.
Regarding online worship:
I will be working with our technology experts (that does not include me) and we will endeavor to upload to the website a morning prayer service for this Sunday. We appreciate the positive response to last week’s service and also appreciate suggestions for improvement.
Regarding the USPS, delivery of mail and drop-off of pledges, payments, etc.:
A secure, locked mailbox will be installed tomorrow; you will find it just to the left of the parish house door. We hope that donors and supporters will mail their gifts and pledges during this interim period. If you are out running errands and want to drop off your pledge, please use the mailbox. It will be checked once or twice a week. We want to honor our salary and payroll commitments during this time and your financial support will help make that possible.
And a word about keeping in touch:
Each household has been assigned a vestryperson as their St. Michael’s Contact. You will be hearing from them in the next few days and they will check in every week or so. Let them know if you need anything, and especially if you know of neighbors who could use help.
I’m grateful for the wonderful leadership we have at St. Michael’s and for our dedicated and flexible staff. These are extraordinary times that are being met with careful and thoughtful guidance. And needless to say, with a great deal of prayer.
Faithfully, Fr. Michael
From The Rev. Michael Bradley & The Vestry
The situation with regard to COVID19 mitigation and containment has been changing daily. There is much information available, some of it reliable, some of it not. I would encourage everyone to check with the Michigan Department of Public Health HERE with regard to local conditions and with the CDC HERE for the best information on the national effort to contain the effects of this disease.
Here is how we are going forward at St. Michael’s.
Per the request of the Bishops of the Episcopal Dioceses of Michigan – all public worship, events and meetings related to worship and community life are suspended through May 9th. The projected date for resumption of worship services is Sunday, May 10th (Mother’s Day).
Special interest groups that use St. Michael’s facilities are welcome to continue meeting as they deem appropriate. This includes our AA and NA groups, ARC, and the Alzheimer’s Support Group.
Holly Babiarz, administrator, will be in the office as usual Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 2 pm. Fr. Bradley will be at St. Michael’s Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 until 1 pm. He and others will also be on hand Friday mornings from 9 am to noon. 
The Vestry, along with the Finance Committee, hopes that individuals and households will keep up with pledge payments and donations so that we can meet payroll commitments. Your gifts can be mailed to the church (20475 Sunningdale Park, GPW, 48236) or dropped off when the office is open.
Attention Sunday counters: You will get word about a reworked schedule for counting receipts once every two weeks, most likely on a weekday.
The need to refrain from in-person, public worship has opened the door of innovation for us to explore online resources. Led by our Technology and Media Team, we will experience online Morning Prayer, recorded at St. Michael’s, along with a downloadable service order. Worshipers can log on to the website HERE and worship whenever convenient. I will incorporate the readings for Daily Morning Prayer, a rich selection of Scripture that differs from the Eucharistic Lectionary in its reflective tone. For those of us who came of age in the 1960’s, the words of Morning Prayer will bring back to mind the familiar cadence of canticle and collect. I look forward to offering this format week-by-week as a way to bring us together in worship even as we are physically separated.
We are living through an extraordinary time in the life of our nation and in the larger global community. These are difficult, challenging and confusing days. I am grateful for the medical knowledge that God has revealed to us through study, observation and research; for the leadership provided by dedicated government officials, and for the tireless work of all healthcare professionals. With God’s help and each other’s support, we will emerge from this crisis — changed, strengthened, and a more connected, caring, and compassionate people. 
Heavenly Father, in you we live and move and have our being: We humbly pray you so to guide and govern us by your Holy Spirit, that in all the cares and occupations of our life we may not forget you, but may remember that we are ever walking in your sight; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.