Covid 19 Protocol Update

The bishops of the Michigan Episcopal Dioceses have modified guidelines for Covid 19 management.
  • For indoor gatherings and events, masks are required.
  • Attendance is limited to numbers that provide for adequate social distancing.
  • Attendance logs for contact tracing are to be maintained.
  • No on-site food preparation and serving is permitted, but individuals and households may bring refreshments for their personal (i.e., non-shared) consumption to gatherings, both indoor and outdoor.
  • For outdoor worship and events, masks are encouraged but not required.
The bishops confer every two weeks; please watch E-News for updates.

Guidelines for In-Person Worship

Entrance on Sunday will be through the corner door to Yeoman Hall (immediately on the right at the beginning of the covered walkway). There will be two sign-in tables; your name(s) are all we need if you’re in our directory.
The requirements: masks, 6’ distancing in the church except for members of one household. Groups of parishioners who know that everyone has been immunized can also sit together. You may place your offering in the baskets as you enter the nave. There will be no congregational singing and the host only will be administered at Communion; please follow the guidance of the usher in order to maintain distancing. 
Please take advantage of leaving by the front doors as well as the side exit through the parish house. Visiting time can be in the parking lot or on the sidewalks.