The Rev. Maryjane Peck

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Ministries:  Outreach and Stewardship


 Outreach: Caring for the Community and the World

Outreach allows us to unveil our own humanness and to allow others to unveil theirs as well. To help us always see the Christ in you and me. To create spaces that one wants to come back to and to share and to take with us, moments of infectious love. Outreach provides opportunities for us to break down barriers that separate us from each other, to learn to be good advocates.

Outreach helps us to grapple with the questions that confront us daily. What is truth? Who is God? Who are these Christians? What is the meaning of these rituals? What good is the church doing in the world? These are good questions. These questions help us deepen our relationship with and to God. These questions help us remember who our community is and to listen for what God is calling our communities to do in the world and for each other.

Stewardship: Taking Care of St. Michael’s Church

  • Annual Stewardship Campaign

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