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June 16, 2024
The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

This Week’s Inspiration:
The Rev. Jennifer Strawbridge, priest in the Church of England, on the Parable of the Mustard Seed:

“Despite the image of a small seed growing steadily into a big bush, a mustard plant is an invasive weed. It is erratic, annoying, and dangerous because it can take over a hillside, knock over a wall, and uproot plants around it. It attracts birds that you may not want invading your space. It’s not exactly garden-friendly. It thrives on neglect. Once established, it is tough to eradicate. Jesus’s listeners would have understood the brilliance of the parable. The kingdom of God reaches everyone and grows everywhere. The kingdom of God spreads regardless of our skill or lack thereof. The kingdom of God doesn’t depend on us No matter what we do, it cannot be destroyed. And perhaps more like our lives than we would prefer, it is messy, it isn’t in our control, and it is unpredictable. In a way, it fits. And this is precisely where the kingdom of God gives us hope, because it means that no matter how distracted we might be by our lives, God can work within us in ways we cannot always see. The kingdom of God is wild, mysterious and invasive because we never know where God may lead us and what new life, new creation, may be ahead of us as we live the life of faith.”

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Jane’s Walk

A place to find peace and spiritual guidance.
A place to ease your mind and refresh your spirit... one step at a time.

A Celtic Blessing

Jesus, you radiate what the world so needs today. Gentleness, Tenderness, Light and Hope. In you, may we find Gentleness as the answer to violence; Tenderness as the answer to ill-will; Light as the answer to lies; Hope as the answer to despair. Amen.

Coming up in June:

Finance Committee: Monday, 10th at 7 pm

Vestry: Tuesday, 18th at 7pm

The JaMmers: Tuesday, 25th at 10 am

St. Michael’s Book Group
Saturday, July 20
10 am in the Lounge

Our discussion book, Lessons in Chemistry, by Bonnie Garmus, “follows singular single mother Elizabeth Zott, a brilliant chemist in a man’s world - America in the 1960’s - as she becomes an unlikely cooking-show host sensation.” The show is meant to be fluff, but Elizabeth is anything but that. This is a smart, charming, heartwarming and often witty story, but it covers head on the serious themes of misogyny, bigotry, religion, family and self-worth. Elizabeth not only looks for the truth; she tells it.

Whether you have attended Book Group in the past, or would just like to come for this discussion, everyone is welcome!

For more information, contact Elaine Backhurst at 313-884-6718.


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