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The Rev. Michael L. Bradley, Rector
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Worship this Sunday, March 3: The Third in Lent
Holy Communion at 10 AM
Music for cantor, congregation and organ

Liturgical Notes for This Season

The word Lent is derived from the Old English word lencten which means spring. The etymology of both lencten and the Modern English word lengthen are the same, so Lent is liturgical season during which the days are lengthening. The 40 day observance of Lent is derived from the 40 days of fasting that Moses, Elijah and Jesus undertook, as well as the 40 days of the Great Flood. In the Western Church, Sundays are not considered in the Lenten count and thus Ash Wednesday begins the first day of Lent.


There are many liturgical changes in this season. The color is purple or Lenten Array; which is a plain muslin with red orphreys. Altar appointments are simpler, less ornate vessels are used, and flowers are not displayed, except on Lent 4, Rose Sunday. During the entire season both the Gloria in excelsis Deo and “alleluia” are neither said nor sung; weddings and baptisms are not observed.


So there is a somber and serious tone to the worship during Lent, so that on Easter Day, when all is restored to the liturgy, the celebration of Resurrection seems even more glorious.

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Coming Events

Our 2024 Lenten Study Program 

Thursdays, 7-9 pm, beginning on February 15

Witness at the Cross – A Beginner’s Guide to Holy Friday”

Amy-Jill Levine is the Rabbi Stanley M. Kessler Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Jewish Studies at Hartford Seminary. In six study sessions, she shows how the people at the cross each have distinct roles to play in the four passion stories. For each, Jesus has a particular meaning and message, and from each, we learn how those meanings and messages cross the centuries to any who would come to the cross today.


TAKE A LOOK: Go to Cokesbury.com, enter Witness at the Cross in the search box. Click on the upper left book (beginner’s guide) and you can watch an introductory video and take a look inside the guide (e-book format). The study session videos will be available online to view at anytime before or after each session at amplifymedia.com.

Thursday, March 21 at Noon  ~  Lunch, Laugh and Learn

please check back for program information


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