Loving and serving our neighbors

What hurts in the world are you healing?
What Needs in Your Neighborhood are you meeting?

Prayer Works!

Members of Prayer Works! ministry meet weekly to pray for members of our community and the wider world.  They maintain contact with the sick and homebound through cards, phone calls and visits. They distribute hand crafted prayer shawls that have been blessed during Sunday services, manage a loan closet of wheelchairs and walkers, and at Easter and Christmas distribute seasonal plants and flowers to homebound parishioners. They also send birthday cards to every parishioner.


Crossroads Soup Kitchen 

On the Sunday of Fourth of July weekend, St. Michael’s members prepare and serve lunch to several hundred people at the only Sunday soup kitchen in the city.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

We have a small but dedicated group of trained and licensed Lay Eucharistic Visitors who take communion to our homebound and hospitalized members. They also conduct a monthly Episcopal service at a neighboring long term care facility. 

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