February 11, 2024

The Last Sunday After Epiphany

This week’s inspiration:

The Rev. Calvin Lane, on celebrating the Transfiguration on the Last Sunday after The Epiphany and on its fixed date, August 6th :


“Celebrating the Transfiguration at the close of Epiphany situates the event perfectly in the arc from Christmas to Pentecost, building and tracking with the mysteries of Christ’s Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. But the Transfiguration is worth a reprisal in the long season after Pentecost, a season marked by the themes of the Church’s mission and the nature of the Kingdom of God. One of the central aspects of this story is how Moses and Elijah point to Christ; the Law and the Prophets all lead to Jesus. And here’s the point for us and our worshipping communities: everything we do as his Church, all our efforts, must point to Jesus.”


St. Michael's Annual Parish Meeting

a look back through 2023

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Fr. Bradley's sermon

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